Education & Prevention Unit

Our Education and prevention unit gives over 5,000 lectures and workshops every year in the whole Negev region - from Eilat to Kiryat Gat. Our staff works with all ages, from kindergarten children to senior citizens. We work with all types of communities: Arabic speakers, the religious sector, people with special needs and more.

We have a wide array of subjects and workshops, and we take special care to ensure that every workshop is catered to the audience. Take a look and find the workshops that suit you and your organization! Together, we will build a plan to help prevent sexual violence, raise awareness and serve as a source of assistance for those who need us.

הגיל השלישי
"מניעת הטרדה מינית במקומות עבודה
אנשים מקצוע והורים
Senior Citizens
Prevention of Sexual Harrasstment at the workplace
Parents & Professionals
הדרכות לאוכלוסיות מיוחדות
People with Special Needs
דוברי ערבית
Arabic Speakers
המגזר הדתי
Religious Sector
בה"ס וחינוך בלתי פורמלי
Schools & Informal Education
המגזר הדתי
Security Forces
המגזר הדתי
Early Childhood