Education & Prevention Unit

Parents & Professionals

MASLAN emphasizes the importance of training educators, parents and professionals. Before working with children and youth, we will train the staff that works daily with the children and is in charge of their education. Children learn from their meaningful interactions with significant adults in their lives. Our goal is to inform and guide these educators so they can continue to convey these messages.

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Parents, Educators and Professionals

Every workshop is up to 90 minutes long, according to the needs of the group

We have a wide variety of workshops for parents, educators and professionals. Every workshop is built according to the needs of the group and the workshops that the children and youth will be receiving.

Here are some of the workshops we provide:

Sexual development stages

Dealing with the media

Tools for detecting stress and giving aid

Effective communication with youth

Myths vs. truth about sexual violence

Secondary trauma

* For more information about our workshops, please contact us.