Education & Prevention Unit

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

In 1998 the Israeli law for prevention of sexual harassment at the work place was introduced. The law defined five behaviors as sexual harassment, as well as defining the duties of managers at the workplace regarding the safety of their workers.

Our goal is to teach the law and help create a safe work enviornment for all workers. In addition, we aim to introduce our assistance to those who need it.

We offer a wide variety of workshops and lectures for management and workers. In addition, we offer professional training courses for the sexual harassment prevention trustee at the workplace.

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Workshops for executive management
A variety of workshops

We offer a wide variety of workshops in different lengths and settings

Here are some of the workshops we provide:

Introduction to the law for prevention of sexual harassment

Myths vs. truth in sexual violence

simulations of every day situations with professional actors

Training courses for sexual harassment prevention trustees

* For more information about our workshops, please contact us.