Aid Department

Support Line 1202

The line is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a year, giving professional support in 8 languages.

The line is staffed by volunteers who have gone through extensive training.


1202 (Women) 1203 (Men) |  052-6216008


Aid and Accompaniment During Legal Proceedings

We provide victims with legal aid and accompaniment - starting with help deciding if the victim should press charges. We accompany victims throughout the entire legal process, in both criminal and civil courts.

We also provide personal accompaniment during different stages of the case: at police investigations, hospital visits, appointments at the religious authorities, social security and more.

"The dry law is never dampened, not even by a girl's tear"

"The relationship between the victim and the interrogator is a tough one, since their needs are very different. The victim seeks security and shelter, and  battles to forget the incident. The interrogator needs information, detailed and organized in chronological order.

This project is about creating a bridge between the needs of the victim and the needs of the justice system."

Michal Mizrachi, coordinator of the legal accompaniment program |  052-6216008

Therapy Unit

Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience with unique characteristics. it can effect every aspect of life and damage the daily function of victims. MASLAN provides individual therapy which aims to help patients feel a subjective sense of security, reduce PTSD to controlled proportions, increase the ability to deal with emotions associated with traumatic memories, gain a sense of control over the traumatic memories so that they do not interfere with functioning, understand the consequences of trauma and incorporate the lessons of the past into the present. Also, we promote positive self-esteem, increase the ability to enjoy and maintain healthy relationships. In addition, MASLAN runs therapeutic groups for sexual assault victims and parents whose children have been through sexual trauma.

"Together with my patients, I embark on a painful and long journey into the memory, to the trauma and recovery. I see this journey as something inevitable, and patients who choose to join are especially brave women. I am proud and excited, every day, for the opportunity given to me, walking alongside them on this journey."


Social worker Barbara Levinson, Therapist in the Therapy Unit |  052-6216008


Post Shelter Aid and Accompanyment

This project aims to support and assist women leaving shelterers, from the moment they leave the shelter until they have fully integrated into the community. We provide guidance and assistance to women including emotional support, providing information, mediation for treatment and mediation and assistance dealing with bureaucracy (government ministries, banks, etc.).

"My connection to the people in our program comes from the fact that I accept them as they are, and have deep appreciation for their strength."

Social worker Dina Shapira, coordinator of the Post Shelter program and immigrant program | 052-6216022