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מסל"ן הוא אחד מתשעת מרכזי הסיוע הפועלים ברחבי הארץ, תחת איגוד מרכזי הסיוע, ארגון גג המאגד תחתיו את המרכזים

מסל"ן הוא מרכז הסיוע האחראי על כל אזור הנגב - מקריית גת ועד לערבה. מרכז הסיוע לנפגעות ולנפגעי תקיפה מינית הראשון מסוגו בארץ הוקם בתל אביב בשנת 1978 על ידי התנועה הפמיניסטית, בעקבות התאבדותה של סטודנטית באוניברסיטת תל-אביב, אם לילד, אשר חזרה לביתה מיום לימודים ונאנסה באזור השדות המקיפים את האוניברסיטה.


במכתב ההתאבדות ציינה האישה כי נאנסה פעמיים: פעם על ידי התוקף ופעם על ידי המשטרה. כמו הרבה נפגעות תקיפה מינית אחרות באותה תקופה, לא היה לה לאן לפנות לפיכך, הוחלט להקים מרכז שיעניק אוזן קשבת ותמיכה לכל נפגעת המבוסס על העיקרון –

"את לא לבד", בתקווה שהפניות למרכז יפרצו את מעגל השתיקה, הבדידות והבושה המאפיינים את תחושתן של נפגעות רבות.


MASLAN is one of nine crisis centers in Israel, under the Union of Crisis centers in Israel, an organization that supports and coordinates the activities of all crisis centers in Israel. MASLAN is in charge of the Negev area - from Kiryat Gat in the north to Eilat in the south. The first Crisis Center in Israel was founded in Tel Aviv in the year 1978 by the feminist movement as a reaction to the sad incident that occurred in Tel Aviv. A student at Tel Aviv University, a mother of a child, was raped in the fields surrounding the University on her way home from class.

In her suicide note she claimed that she was raped twice: once by the offender and once by the police. Like many other victims during that time, she had nobody to approach for help. For this reason, came the decision to build a center that will provide a listening ear and support to any victim. The motto is "you are not alone". We hope that our work will help brake the silence, the shame and the loneliness that so many victims feel.

Our Vision

MASLAN, The crisis center for victims of violence and sexual violence in the Negev, has been operating since 1988 in order to assist, accompany and serve as a source of emotional and practical support for victims and their relatives. Our crisis Center offers its services free of charge and anonymously to victims of rape and violence, adults as well as teens and children, regardless of religion, race, sex or nationality. In addition to assisting victims, we work for social change, to raise awareness and to significantly reduce violence and sexual violence that is common at all levels of society.

Our organization involves over 250 volunteers who are thoroughly trained in the areas of sexual violence and assistance. In their dedicated work they assist, support, contain and allow a safe space for victims and their families.

Our vision is to create a society free of sexual violence. Until that happens, our goal is that no victim of sexual violence will be alone.

A word from our CEO

For the past 26 years MASLAN has chosen to act to achieve social change through education and assistance. Throughout the years we have seen that the phenomenon of sexual violence has only grown. sexual violence is everywhere: at home, at the workplace, at school and on the internet. But still, this violence is silenced and denied, the victims are blamed and the offenders are many times protected by society. MASLAN chooses to speak up against this harsh reality and act relentlessly to create social change.

MASLAN is comprised of 20 staff members and over 250 dedicated volunteers. We are here to listen and believe, assist and support, explain and prevent and to brake the silence in order to create real social change.

I would like to thank all of those who approached us for trusting us, our dear volunteers who's harts are always open, to our dedicated staff, the board of directors, the audit committee and all of our friends and donors who support our important work.

Liza Nikolaichuk, CEO

Our Staff

Liza nikolaichuk


Board of Directors

Erica Laub
Chair, Board of Directors

Asher Rapaport
Member, Board of Directors

Nurit Drori
Member, Board of Directors

Ronit Shafrir
Member, Board of Directors

Sarah Altshuler

Member, Board of Directors

Esther Barlev

Chair, Audit Committee

Esther Abramovitch

Member, Audit Committee

Chani Priel

Member, Audit Committee

Aid department

Ricky Moskovitch, CSW

Head of the Aid Department

Michal Bloomenfeld

Legal Proceedings Coordinator

Dina Shapira, CSW

"Olim" Coordinator

Yael Bsor

Volunteers Coordinator

Liora Groichman Magril


Education department

Vika Weinstein

Schools & Informal Education Coordinator

Miri Ali

Arabic Speakers


Sapir Shalom Atzmon

Religious Sector


Maayan Uzi Aviv

Parents Training


Yael Shtulbach, CSW

Special Needs Coordinator

Sapir Hachmon

Security Forces Coordinator

Mor Edry, CSW

Sexual Violence Prevention Coordinator

Liron Avidar

Gender & LGBTQ Coordinator

Anat Ofri

Informal Education


Inbal Arush

Senior Citizens


Ittai Trifman

Spoksman & Facilitator

Tzipi Horovitz, CSW

English speakers Coordinator

Sarit Neeman, CSW

Early Childhood


Administrative staff

Adi Shimoni


Marina Segal

Social Store


Itzik Cohen


Carmel Shiri



Hofit Peretz, CSW

Head of the Education Department

Hofit Peretz, CSW

Head of the Education Department